Pest & Rodent Exclusions

Pests are skilled at discovering entry points into homes and making themselves rather comfortable. At All Pest Solutions, our pest exclusion services concentrate on identifying entry points and then remedying them.

What We Look For:

When we inspect your home for pest entry points, we look for: gaps around pipe extensions and other utilities, crawlspace doors that need to be replaced, gaps in soffit edges and walls, damaged attic vents and crawl area vents, garage doors that are missing side and bottom seals, holes in sub-flooring, rotten or missing sill plates, etc.

Once we've determined how and where rats, mice, squirrels, and other wildlife are getting in, we'll custom design an exclusion plan that focuses on sealing both the interior and exterior of your home.

Our Pest Exclusion Process


First, we measure all rodent entry points and ensure proper dimension requirements are met to prevent any future entry.


Next we custom cut (to specifications) each sheet metal piece and carefully shape & mold each piece until a perfect fit is achieved.


Lastly we fasten each piece with gasket roofing screws and seal all sides with all-weather silicone caulk.

Wildlife Control Division - Squirrel Team 6

All Pest Solutions launches new Wildlife Control Division Branding - Jacob Daniel, Service Manager with All Pest Solutions Pest Control & Termite Treatments has branded the Wildlife Control Division of All Pest Solutions as "Squirrel Team 6" with a creative nod to the infamous Seal Team 6. The Wildlife Control division specializes in the removal and prevention of larger pests and rodents such as roof rats, squirrels, and raccoons. Look for Squirrel Team 6 logo to know that those homes are protected from wildlife intrusions or contact All Pest Solutions today: (972) 442-1169 for more details.
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