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We are a certified partner of Bed Bug Central - THE experts in bed bugs!
Facts about our bed bug service:
Jeff and Danny White of Bed Bug Central are world renowned as "The" experts in bed bugs, so we partnered with the best.
We both offer a warranty on "light" and "moderate" infestations.
They have the "No Customer Prep" treating philosophy on most situations.
We also vacuum and steam furniture we can't encase or treat with chemicals.
Some specific differences: we don't use heat, we use a combination of exclusion and liquid, dust, aerosol formulation of pesticides. We only encase the mattress. We dust inside the box encasement on the underside then close encasement shut trapping EVERYTHING inside. We use various methods to treat the home: liquids, dusts and aerosols, steam and vacuum
We save money by not throwing away costly bedding and save time and money not treating bedding, plus not using pesticides on our bedding where we sleep.
We use industry exclusive detection and monitoring devices invented by Bed Bug Central for capturing, detecting, and ongoing monitoring of bed bugs on All Jobs.
Yes we do charge for our estimates, but this is a thorough estimate identification and verification to determine if: A. If you even have bed bugs because 50% of bed bug leads don't actually have them. B. To determine how bad the bed bugs are, which then effects our pricing, treatment protocol and what the customer has to do. Most, if not all, reputable/good/skilled/trained companies in bed bug work, charge for a verification estimate.
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