Cricket Removal and Treatment Tips Podcast #15 - All Pest Solutions

With early rain in the summer, it means large populations of crickets. Our goal is to educate consumers on how to deal with crickets.
All Pest Solutions techs are seeing these infestations during our regular house calls so they're in the mindset and have the ability to address the cricket population surge. Once crickets die, the next issue is to clean up the dead bodies which is a joint effort between the homeowner and our techs. Crickets are attracted to the lights of our houses, landscaping, outdoor patios, etc so by turning lights off when possible, you remove this attractive element. Another top from one of our top techs (Presley) is to NOT overwater. Doing so will also increase the number of crickets around your home.

Spider Treatments & Fly Control in the Summer Podcast #14

Summer pests - Spiders and Flies. They discuss the differences in pesticides as well as spider issues related to houses next to a body of water and those that aren't. Jacob discusses the specific spider control regiment for the Inspiration housing edition. This particular program is facilitated monthly instead of quarterly due to the large body of water near so many homes. All of the homes have uplighting which attracts flying insects at night. This is considered a food source for the spiders and their webs. Wendell discusses the 2 most concerning siders, the black widow and the brown recluse. When discussing flies, its really a matter of decomposing matter nearby. If you have flies, there's something rotten that is possibly attracting them. Trash cans in garages (due to HOA rules) are mostly to blame. Eliminate that problem and it will likely solve the fly issues.

Are you searching for Pest Control Near Me? All Pest Solutions has been providing prest control services in your area for over 20 years.

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Pest Control Customer Service Portal Overview Podcast #13

In this episode, Wendell and Lana Carroll cover the encompassing elements of consumers picking service companies. It boils down to customer service, positive reviews, and trust / integrity of your service company. They discuss the new field routes that a lot of customers probably don't know about that add value to their service. They also discuss how the new customer portal helps with billing and understanding what specific services you're getting billed for. You can also detailed product usage of what was used during your service call. Another picture of the portal is the ability to upload photos of damage, pests, droppings, etc in order for the service techs to remotely diagnose your issue(s). Landlords for small businesses also have the ability to link multiple different accounts from a single login. Adding a Google review is quite easy with a direct link to our reviews page as well.

Termite Treatments Using Sentricon Bait Traps - All Pest Solutions Podcast #12

Wendell & Jacob are onsite for a termite treatment install using the Sentricon baiting system at an apartment complex. They discuss the history of how baiting systems were invented and why they are so effective when used with liquid termite treatments as well. The Sentricon system is an Always-Active system that only needs maintenance once per year. Dow & Sentricon ONLY partner with about 3% of all pest control companies in North America. All Pest Solutions is very proud to be one of those 3%! Jacob verbally walks us through what's being shown on screen and that's an install of over 60 cases of Sentricon bait stations. Afterwards, he covers how renewals and end of year inspections work.

Termite Treatments - Everything you ever wanted to know! - All Pest Solutions Podcast #11

It's termite season in North Texas! Wendell and Jacob of All Pest Solutions walks us through the ins and outs of recognizing termite issues (swarming), destruction (wood destroying), and treatment methods. In our area, we're in the "Termite Redzone" from Texas to Florida. Homeowners insurance does NOT cover termite damage, so BE SURE and protect your single most valuable investment! Next Wendell and Jacob cover real-life infestation example photos that showcase the damage and destructive nature of the dreaded Texas termite. After that, Jacob discusses the different roles of termites and the duties they have to ensure protection of the colony. Daniel points out and demos a Sentricon bait tube that its completely covered with active termites. By consuming the Sentricon system, it keeps these wood eaters away from your home. Wendell goes on to discuss how in the late 80's many conventional treatment methods (i.e. saturating the ground and foundation with a particular chemical) were outlawed. Thus All Pest Solutions made the switch to treating termites with the Sentricon baiting system. Termador is also a widely accepted spray solution that All Pest Solutions deploys... depending on the circumstances. Also when it comes to mulch around your house, ONLY use Cyprus and Cedar mulch.

For your next Termite Treatment, think All Pest Solutions!

Pest Control & Termite Treatments in Wylie, TX - All Pest Solutions Podcast #10

Discussed today: How early spring showers affect pest control, the insect kingdom, and increased pest activity starts as the weather changes and warms up. Also, Wendell and Jacob discuss the difference between termites and flying ants and that ant piles in your yard will no become more frequent due to the amount of rain we've had this early spring. In fact, if you're an existing All Pest Solutions customer and have a question of "Is this an ant or termite?", just upload your photos directly to your customer portal and we can answer you in near real-time!

All Pest Solutions Podcast #9 - Fall Wildlife Series: The "Big Fix"

This final episode in the Fall Wildlife Series from All Pest Solutions covers the “Big Fix”, their solution to wildlife problems in North Texas. This solution covers from floor to ceiling and from garage doors to air conditioning lines, and is tailored to the specific needs of each property. Their approach to wildlife control is different from competitors, as they start by sealing off entry points and then remove the animals, rather than the other way around. This helps control the population and keep the property safe from further damage. The company also offers exceptional value and quality, as they use higher quality materials and offer a once and done solution. This podcast helps listeners understand the process of the Big Fix and why it is the best solution for their wildlife problems.

All Pest Solutions Podcast #8 - Fall Wildlife Series: Unspoken Truths

In this third installment of the Fall Wildlife Series, Wendell and Jacob talk about the unspoken truths of pest infestations. Topics like AC/Heating units attracting rodents into the attics because of the warmth they provide during cold months, rodents chewing through wiring and starting fires in the attic / home, replacing copper plumbing with Pex piping which is more condusive to rodents chewing through, etc.

All Pest Solutions Podcast #7 - Fall Wildlife Series: Cause and Effect

In this Podcast episode, Wendell and Jacob Daniel continue with their Fall Wildlife Series. Specifically they cover Cause & Effect of what homeowners do around their home that create issues and actually INVITE critters into their home. Items such as feeding wildlife, putting out bird seed, placing dog food bowels outside, etc.

All Pest Solutions Podcast #6 - Fall Wildlife Series: Fall's Impact On Pest Activity

In today's podcast, Jacob and Wendell Daniel outline the topics of their upcoming Fall Wildlife Series. The first topic discussed today focuses on the significance of the Fall Season, as it relates to pest control. There are unique changes like pressure change, rain, and cold temperatures that cause disruption in the critter community and make them want to seek out warm cozy spots like your attic, under your house, etc. Jacob and Wendell discuss how they approach the Fall season as it relates to pest control.

All Pest Solutions Podcast #5 - Meet Our Office Staff

In today's podcast, you'll meet Lana Carroll, one of our administrative assistants AND Lana recently received her pest control technician's license.
Obtaining this license requires classroom work around termite and general pest control plus 40 hours in the field, performing services with other technicians. The benefit to our customers is that whenever they call our offices and speak to Lana, they're now talking directly to a licenses pest control technician in addition to someone that can book their appointments.

In addition to Lana, we have 3 other administrative staff members to support our customers.
Cori Berkowitz - Office Manager, Tanja Duncan - Admin Assistant, and Whitney Daniel - Admin Assistant.

All Pest Solutions Podcast #4 - Rodent Removal & Wildlife Exclusion Process

In this 4th podcast episode, Jacob Daniel discusses in great detail how All Pest Solutions keeps rodents, squirrels, raccoons and more out of their customer's homes. The custom cut and formed metal exclusion plates created by the All Pest Solutions crew not only keep critters out, but are also painted to match the exterior colors of the home.

All Pest Solutions Podcast #3
All Things Pest Control with Daryl McCullough

All Pest Solutions' Podcast #3 introduces Service Manager Daryl McCullough to talk "All Things Pest Control" with owner Wendell Daniel. Topics covered are; How our custom pest control trucks are designed, How our specilized Termite Treatment rigs are designed, Best-of-breed chemicals used for specific pest control situations and more.

All Pest Solutions Podcast #2
A Family Pest Control Business

In this 1st podcast episode, Wendell Daniel and his son Jacob Daniel discuss how All Pest Solutions got started and where it goes from here. Additionally, Wendell outlines the new podcast, upcoming segments, guest appearances and more!

Have a Rat Problem? Call All Pest Solutions and We'll Make the Critters Run Away!

When rats and rodents invade your home, you're left to wonder how to get rid of them... PERMANENTLY! At All Pest Solutions, we have a variety of ways in which to remove the rodents without any smell or odors left behind. We can even seal every entry point of your home with our Wildlife Exclusion services. Call Today to find out more! - (972) 442-1169

All Pest Solutions - Pest Control & Termite Treatment

In this 2nd podcast episode, Wendell Daniel and his son Jacob Daniel discuss how All Pest Solutions got started in Wildlife Control, Rodent Exclusions, Squirrel and Racoon removal.

Additionally, Wendell outlines the new podcast, upcoming segments, guest appearances and more!

Avoid Those Summertime Door Knocking Pests! Call The Professionals at All Pest Solutions

Avoid Those Summertime Door Knocking Pests! Call The Professionals at All Pest Solutions

Pest Control Service Areas

All Pest Solutions Appearance On BizTV

Click the image above to view the episode.
In this interview, Wendell and Jacob Daniel talk about how All Pest Solutions is truly a Texas-based, family owned business.

Started in 2004, Wendell talks about the history of the company and how it started. In 2010, Jacob joined the company and is now running the Wildlife control division as well as day-to-day management of the company.
Rodent Control Near Me

Customer Captures Rodent On Ring Cam

Click the image above to view the episode.
Think rodents, mice, rats, racoons, and squirrels can't find a way into your attic and home? Think again. In this video, one of our prospective clients called us out to inspect just HOW the rodent's were making their way into the attic. They got their answer directly from their Ring camera footage!

Needless to say we were able to successfully rid this client of all pests. Check out more on our Wildlife and Rodent Control Services Here.
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