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5 Steps for Choosing the Right Pest Control Company
Step One:
Finding a pest control provider in your area, not necessarily in your town but in your geographic location. Why is it important knowing the area? Being aware of the pest issues within a certain location, in my opinion, is critical. Pest control problems vary tremendously throughout the continental United States. We, at All Pest Solutions, just celebrated our seventh year in business, we have lived in the Dallas metroplex for twenty-five plus years; we know the pest problems in this market as well as anyone.
Step Two:
Your quest to find a pest control company is to find one with experience. I myself have been in the pest control business for fifteen plus years. I began my journey with a name that most households know, Orkin. I started on the truck in the field performing pest and termite services where I learned this business and industry from the ground up. As large companies go, I think Orkin is one of the best, but as a consumer, I think choosing the small local operator is always a better value, it comes with a more personalized service, and that in my opinion makes all the difference. My tenure at Orkin was five years; this may not seem very long but when working for a company this large you see a lot in a short period of time. From there I went into a partnership with a local company for a few years before going out on my own.

Annual certification training is required in our industry; you can receive this many ways. All Pest Solutions receives our annual certifications from some of the best sources in the state. We attend Texas A&M's annual workshop, which in my opinion is one of the most respected in the US. We also use Dr. Ray Thompson, a thirty plus year entomologist, who we are contracted with for consultation as an expert in our field, he practices out of Plano. Unlike some companies who acquire their training through mass produced, written and DVD curriculum, we use industry experts and recognized universities for our training.
Step Three:
Your quest to find a pest control provider is to choose one that's a member of the Better Business Bureau and in good standings. I also think choosing a company that is a member of a Chamber of Commerce shows commitment to the community as well as stability in the marketplace. Being members of organizations within an industry also is a plus; many times companies have to adhere to a code of ethics to be a part of such organizations. We at All Pest Solutions are members of the BBB of North Texas, the Wylie Chamber of Commerce, Greater Dallas Pest Control Association, as well as the National Pest Control Association.
Step Four:
Look for a company with good reviews on the Internet and or testimonials on their website, also simply asking a neighbor or friend. I'm a firm believer that a family member or friend would not refer any company that they didn't feel strongly about to you for services. At All Pest Solutions 40% of our growth over the last seven years has been from referrals. What we think of ourselves is not nearly as important as what someone else thinks. We take referrals very seriously, as we know we run the risk of losing both customers if we don't exceed their expectations.
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Step Five:
In my opinion is the most important. As we said earlier, small local family owned and operated pest control providers who are familiar with your market are a far better choice than a large national company, based in some other state. I can assure you, all family owned pest control companies are not equal. The biggest pitfall when choosing a family locally owned business is one, most consumers never even think about if they are going to be around tomorrow. Being in this business for fifteen years, I've seen many good family pest control companies come and go. The reason for this is most family owned companies have no long-term plan. When they get ready to retire they have no one to pass on the business to, so one of three things happen.

One: they simply close the doors and turn off the phone and you as a consumer are left with no provider.

Two: even worse, they sell their business and their customers to a national chain, then suddenly the next time you call them, or the next time they show up at your home or business it is the very company that you didn't want providing your service.

Three: the newest trend is family owned venture capitalists who come into the market portraying to be a family-owned local business, knocking on doors by the thousands, saturating a market with coupons and too good to be true introductory pricing. Their ultimate goal is to get you hooked into an annual contract, quickly build their business, and then sale you and your business, as if you were a commodity, to a national chain. Suddenly the company you were doing business with comes up missing, only to show up in another city and repeat the process.

We at All Pest Solutions founded this company with the end in mind. I can tell you if I die today we as a company are not going anywhere. We have not only built a company on a strong foundation of value and ethics, but one that will also carry on for generations to come. Jacob, the eldest of our three children, has been on a truck since he was 10 years old. He is now the Director of Operations for All Pest Solutions and continues to work hard to grow the company.
I hope these five steps help you in choosing a pest control provider. We hope that you choose us; we consider it an honor and a privileged to serve you and your family. If not, good luck in your findings, just remember the pitfalls I have mentioned and you get what you pay for.
Yours Truly,
Wendell Daniel
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