Black Widows
Classification of service: covered under General Pest Control for residential
They are “web weavers” so they usually do not leave their web. Their webs catch their prey so they stay close.
They usually found on the hottest side of a structure.
Their venom contains neurotoxins which attacks the nervous system.
Spraying them and knocking down their webs helps detour them.
They are more commonly found in new construction or uninhabited structures. They do not like to be in high-traffic areas
Brown Recluse
Classification of service: additional services
They are a reclusive spider (hence their name).
They feed at night and most bites occur by being trapped, crushed or stepped on. They are not known to seek a human out to bite. It is a defensive tactic.
A brown recluse bite is usually not felt immediately. The bite of a brown recluse will become intense within 8 – 12 hours when narcosis (deterioration of the skin) starts. Medical attention should be sought immediately. Large ulcerous sore forms and causes the pain and will continue to get worse without medical attention.
Wolf Spider
Classification of service: covered under General Pest Control
This type of spider can grow to be very large and are a predatory spider so they are constantly on the move.
They carry their young on their backs.
They are not poisonous.
Spider control in general is very difficult because they are arachnids and there is not a true arachnicide. They don’t groom like insects do so they don’t ingest the product. Their legs also keep their bodies from coming into contact with product. Basically, you have to make contact with them while spraying to kill them.
Keeping the insect population under control will help some because it takes away their food source.
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