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Termite treatments are a crucial service for homeowners dealing with termite infestations. At All Pest Solutions, we specialize in providing effective and long-lasting solutions to keep you termite-free. Our team of certified professionals uses state-of-the-art equipment and highly effective solutions to eliminate termites from your location. We offer a range of services, including termite inspections, treatments, and prevention plans. Rockwall, Texas is home to various termite species, but primarily subterranean termites. These termites can cause extensive damage to your property if left unchecked. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we ensure that you are protected against termite damage, allowing you to enjoy a pest-free living space.
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Our Bundled Pest & Termite Control program is designed to bundle pest control + termite protection + yard treatments to keep your home and yard pest & termite free while saving you over $200+! You'll receive protection from over 57 of Texas' most common household pests & termites.
Starting at $50/month
A program installation fee will apply.
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No contracts! You can cancel at any time! Upon cancellation, special rules for Sentricon apply (see agreement for more details). Rest easy knowing your home is protected from harmful pests by All Pest Solutions - Your personal pest control team.

What's Included:

Includes The Sentricon® System
Eliminates termite colonies
Prevents initial termite damage
Covers over 60 different pests!
Exterior preventative spraying
Removal of spider webs
General bugs & termites
Granual applications included
Pet & family safe applications
Termite inspections are essential for homeowners and business owners to prevent termite damage. Our professional team at All Pest Solutions offers comprehensive inspections using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to detect most all signs of termite activity. As a local business, we understand the unique needs of Rockwall residents and are committed to providing exceptional service. Our licensed and insured inspectors are knowledgeable about the different species of termites most commonly found. Contact us today to schedule your termite inspection and protect your property from termite damage.


After your termite treatment is underway, it's important to follow up to ensure that the infestation is completely eliminated. Our team provides comprehensive follow-up services to ensure that your home remains termite-free. We'll conduct thorough inspections to ensure there are no further signs of termite activity and take appropriate measures to prevent re-infestation. As a homeowner, it's important to be vigilant and take preventive measures to keep your property termite-free. Our follow-up services include regular inspections and treatments to ensure that your home remains protected. Trust All Pest Solutions to provide effective termite solutions that keep your home safe and pest-free.

Termite Treatments - Everything you ever wanted to know!

Wendell Daniel - Owner of All Pest Solutions Pest Control of Wylie, Plano, and Allen TX recently purchased an award winning Duroc pig which was raised by Kaylee Varela, a student at Sachse High School.

The Garland ISD Livestock Show promotes agriculture appreciation and love for animals through the sale of livestock, poultry, farm equipment, and other agricultural products. The event is held annually on the first Saturday in March. This year’s show was held March 1st from 8:00am to 3:30pm at the Garland Civic Center. Students from the surrounding communities participate in this event as exhibitors and vendors. In addition to the livestock show, students are also able to attend workshops, seminars, and demonstrations throughout the day. Great job Kaylee!
It's termite season in North Texas! Wendell and Jacob of All Pest Solutions walks us through the ins and outs of recognizing termite issues (swarming), destruction (wood destroying), and treatment methods. In our area, we're in the "Termite Redzone" from Texas to Florida. Homeowners insurance does NOT cover termite damage, so BE SURE and protect your single most valuable investment! Next Wendell and Jacob cover real-life infestation example photos that showcase the damage and destructive nature of the dreaded Texas termite. After that, Jacob discusses the different roles of termites and the duties they have to ensure protection of the colony. Daniel points out and demos a Sentricon bait tube that its completely covered with active termites. By consuming the Sentricon system, it keeps these wood eaters away from your home. Wendell goes on to discuss how in the late 80's many conventional treatment methods (i.e. saturating the ground and foundation with a particular chemical) were outlawed. Thus All Pest Solutions made the switch to treating termites with the Sentricon baiting system. Termidor is also a widely accepted spray solution that All Pest Solutions deploys... depending on the circumstances. Also when it comes to mulch around your house, ONLY use Cyprus and Cedar mulch.

For your next Termite Treatment, think All Pest Solutions!
T. Weeks
I really appreciate Preston at All Pest Solutions. He's our guy for termite treatment and pest control. He manages our treatment scheduling and makes it very easy to schedule with him. He is prompt and reliable. In addition to his awesome customer service, he makes termite inspections easy to understand and explains everything so thoroughly. He also takes the time to ask us about any recent issues we might have. Preston's also careful of our pets and kiddos, and ensures that his applications are non-invasive. In the 12 years I've used Preston and All Pest Solutions, I've never regretted using these experts and would HIGHLY recommend them. 
B. Kay
We've had nothing but excellent service with All Pest Solutions, and specifically with Jacob and his team. Everyone in the company is friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. Jacob is always on-time and helps to describe everything he does. These guys take great care of our home. 
B. Sanders
Discovered termites in our kitchen and texted Jeremy and asked when he could next stop by. About an hour later he texted and said he could stop by within 10 minutes. That’s why I continue to use All Pest Solutions as my pest control and termite company. They always go out of their way to make sure we get quality service. Thanks Jeremy for responding so quickly! 
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Schedule your Termite Inspection:
*Includes Inspection, Review of Findings, and Plan Estimate
(972) 442-1169Our 5-Star Reviews

Best Termite Treatments in Rockwall

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Rockwall, TX
About Rockwall
Rockwall is a city in Rockwall County, Texas, United States, which is part of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.
The latitude is 32.9091, longitude is 96.4501
It's a lakeside city bordering Lake Ray Hubbard!
Rockwall is about 24 miles from Downtown Dallas
The primary zip codes are: 75032, 75032 , 75087


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Schedule your Termite Inspection:
*Includes Inspection, Review of Findings, and Plan Estimate
(972) 442-1169Our 5-Star Reviews
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